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These six rough and ready films (four with voiceovers) form part of an unfinished series on the butterflies of industrial dereliction. We are also aware of their technical inadequacies and were onbviously done on a shoe string of a shoe string.... Broadly speaking, though ranging far and wide, they are centered on the destruction of the Dingy Skipper on former Yorkshire colliery spoil heaps. It is a story that has been savagely suppressed by all nature conservation bodies, especially in the north of England and we are the only people to have told it like it is. These are not conventional nature films like seen on TV via a grovelling Bill Oddy or David Attenborough. Further information in and around this appalling calamity can be found on

Woolley Colliery Vimeo from David Wise on Vimeo.

A few years ago Woolley Colliery delighted in 3000+ Dingy Skipper butterflies on the wing at the height of the emergence. Alas, this presence has been savagely decimated as a mock Georgian estate has taken shape where the pit winding gear once stood followed by a horticulture-like soil makeover demanded by estate agent diktat. The voiceover behind the film clips emphasises the beautiful relics of industrial machinery still in existence whilst savagely criticising the aestheticised town planning that avant garde, idiotic town planners and architects have in store for Barnsley. (Blurb on back of DVD cover)

Dinnington's Makeover: Another Butterfly Belsen from David Wise on Vimeo.

The former Dinnington Colliery is situated near Kiveton in South Yorkshire and both were subjected to brutal amenity park makeovers. However, at Dinnington a new industrial area was added and promoted with reams of trendy buzz words amounting to nothing. The voiceover outlines the brutality of this development and includes an analysis of the primary role of private housing in the evolution of free market capitalism centering here on the new greenwash estates in and around Dinnington. Unlike at Kiveton, the Dingy Skipper, post makeover, is just to say surviving but for how long? (Blurb from original DVD cover)

Kiveton Park Vimeo from David Wise on Vimeo.

Kiveton Park Colliery lies to the east of Sheffield, South Yorks. After the pit closed in the early 1990s ten years later we discovered a large Dingy Skipper colony. To enhance British Coal's sales pitch the area had been seeded with birds foot trefoil, kidney vetch etc thus unintentionally creating an amazing nature friendly environment. What then followed was an horrific and expensive makeover spear headed by Yorkshire Forward which destroyed everything. The voiceover accompanying this film is a very hard hitting analysis of what happened and fearing litigation the film was virtually banned. Silence and absence ensued. Needless to say the Dingy Skipper butterfly was completely eliminated...... (Blurb on original DVD cover)

Fitzwilliam's Nature Reserve and Frickley's Bare-Headed Mountain from David Wise on Vimeo.

By far the longest film in the Dingy Skipper series this effort roams far and wide in polemic against environmental makeovers  noting how installation and land art is encompassed in the process. This has happened post 2007 - and most clearly - in the Ashington colliery makeover near Newcastle. Frickley was possibly the initial template. With a backdrop of butterflies and bare, beautiful shale, the bankrupt chic of Turner prize winners comes in for a pasteing together with the aesthetic fall out from Reclaim the Streets and the avante garde image making of the New Labour party. (Blurb on the original DVD cover)

Penistone Dingies Vimeo from David Wise on Vimeo.

A film without a voiceover tracing the unfolding demise of the Dingy Skipper butterfly in and around Penistone station in South Yorkshire. We discovered a big colony of the butterfly in 2004 which must surely rate as one of the highest in England. (During the film note how the wind continually buffets the insect). Unfortunately a crude urban development is running rampant gradually eliminating all vestiges of the Dingy Skipper and in a few years time the butterfly will probably become extinct here. (Blurb on the original DVD cover)

The on-going demise of the Dodworth Dingy Skippers: 2004-6 from David Wise on Vimeo.

"To the west of Barnsley is the site of the former Dodworth Colliery. Here too the same sad tale unfolds. This time a new road has been carved through the very centre of a glorious Dingy skipper colony and which local bio-diversity officials did sod all about. On the verges of the new road running next to new warehousing - and thus avoiding the level crossing at Dodworth railway station - the butterfly's foodplant has been eliminated as dead, manicured horticulture takes over. Again the horror of this development is sadly recorded for posterity. (Blurb on back cover of original DVD)

Maltby Colliery Vimeo from David Wise on Vimeo.

This film looks at the surrounding topography of the working pit at Maltby, South Yorkshire concentrating on the old spoil heaps plus projected new additions influenced by the appalling makeovers elsewhere on closed colliery workings. Something of the life cycle of a Dingy Skipper is documented here. However, the main thrust of the film is a polemic highlighting the need to redefine humanity's relationship to small organism biology involving deserting a consumer lifestyle culminating in the overthrow of capitalism. This is partially illustrated here courtesy of an allotment favela existing alongside a miners' housing estate; an arena where the totalitarian organisation of modern and post modern space - expressive of a dead life - doesn't exist.... (Blurb on back cover of original DVD)



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