(Introductory Explanations)


   You Make Plans - We Make History  : Graffiti in Genoa Port, the Anti-Globalisation movement, Reclaim the Streets, science and ecological collapse, plus post-9/11 comments. 


 Balkan War & Media :  Although as regards proper filing this should be in the archive section, it's relevance to the present epoch of war demands it be placed here. Some of the text handed out as an anti-war leaflet at meetings. "The essential function of the media is to present the choices coming from different arguments within the ruling class as the only possible choices". 


 Afganistan: A Potted Social History :The Afghan Crisis  : The Borg Pakistan Mummification of Class Struggle : These articles were written by Melancholic Troglodytes during 2001 in response to the war situation in the region and were distributed as leaflets at meetings and demonstration.


Kamikase Kapitalism. War & Peace : A critique and evaluation of the forces behind the unleashing of the Iraqi war of 2003 plusin War & Peace - Thoughts on the Looming War - written February 22nd 2003.


Algerian Uprising: 2001 :  The radical  youth uprising that received little mention in the UK or America and was equally a fight against mindless and brutal Islam as well as a secular brutal state.


Hydro-Jihad : On water shortage and "Water Imperialism" in the Middle East as part of the 2003 Iraqi war. 


Interview with an Iraqi revolutionary : In the context of the 2003 war on Iraq. These two texts from Melancholic Troglodytes form part of a 3 part text. We didn't like the first part which was written in the form of a parody of F. Herbert's "Dune" which we haven't read, because it was totally obscure. All 3 texts are available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Godfathers of Levant : May 2005. Syrian-Lebanese dispute and its implications for class struggle."....the Levant is faced with a number of immediate obstacles: the current low level of class struggle in the region: the prevalence of nationalistic and religious bigotry......" This is perhaps the best account so far of what has happened/happening in these countries highlighting a lot of telling details.


Culture In Danger - If Only! : Concerning the movement of casualised culture industry workers, France 2003. " The State doesn't want culture to disappear - on the contrary, the worse things get, the more culture is essential for the maintenance of this mad society." Includes more general reflections on culture and its history.


French Rebellion 2003 : Tentative impressionistic notes on the movement. The ruling class here, (France) as elsewhere, are super-confident, and the movement, generally speaking, is super-unconfident, though people waver from pessimism to optimism and back again......


Reflections On Culture : Excellent short piece updating the essential critique of culture; a critique which is now almost utterly lost.


Yet Moore Banalities : Clued-in diatribe against Michael Moore - America's cinema idol - and a populist reply to  the 'new' imperialism.


A new publication on Captain White : A genuine social revolutionary, Captain White has been all but airbrushed out of 20th century Irish history. Most likely White's contribution would have been colossal if some of his most important reminisces and analyses especially his involvement with the Spanish "incontraldos" - the uncontrollables - the most radical part of the Spanish Anarchist movement during the uprising of 1936/7  - hadn't been destroyed when White died.


Freewheeling Reflections on Latin America in Relation to the UK (2006) : ( Wanderings & Meanderings. Digressions & Detours) A relatively cursory attempt to look at what is happening today throughout the continent - sometimes in relation to the UK - emphasising in particular cultural - or rather anti-cultural aspects - plus questioning a few popularly held beliefs related to Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil.


Strange Defeat  : A piece written by the pro-situationist groupuscule Point Blank in California in the early 1970s on the coup which overthrew President Allende in Chile in 1973. Despite a certain ideological tub-thumping tone it's certainly withstood the test of time.


Marianela: A Latin American Misfit Turned New Oligarch : So farewell Marianela, the unhappiest person I've ever met. I shall never forget you - you the Latin American misfit turned new oligarch in the context of today's property-mad, money-mad London with your heart and past in the Dominican Republic.....


Wildcat Spain Encounters Democracy : This scanned in book from the 1970s should really be read in conjunction with the latter text on Latin America as it still provides the most penetrating and imformative account of  incontrolados assembly experiences ever written. Certainly nothing comparable has yet come from Latin America. Plus : Critical Assessment Of "Wildcat Spain" book


From the End of Empire, to the Empire of the End : An excellent critique of culture written by Julio Henriques in the long aftermath of the failed Portuguese revolution on the 1970s. The facts may be dated but the broad thrust still retains a powerful  cutting edge.


Bankruptcy of Anarchism : & Syndicalism. In the 1970s with the help of people around the Portuguese ultra-leftist group, Combate, a book was produced in London titled "Wildcat Spain Encounters Democracy" written by Spanish, Situationist influenced individuals. The "Bankruptcy" was one of their last productions. The publication in English by BM BLOB created fury among the anarchist milieu.


O Jornal Combate : This is a very interesting and all too brief account written by Phil Meyler and others of the activities of the Portuguese ultra leftist group Combate during the Portuguese Revolution of 1974-76. It is placed in this section simply because so many young Latin Americans today refer back to this event. Especially interested in the practical collaborations between insurgent soldiers and insurgent workers they wonder if such an example has any contemporary relevance.


Italy in 1977 : By way of an introduction to the following three webs on the Italian explosion of 1977.  It is to some degree an explanation of what happened  in the Italian crucible that produced the first bare outlines of the future of counter-revolution that so colonises the world today: Terrorism, increasing state repression plus the occupation of our everyday lives by an overt cultural commodification. 


 Puzz in Mid-1970s Italy : This essentially unknown though often profound theoretical/comix mag was to the forefront of the experimentation leading up to the Metropolitan Indian explosion in 1977. Some examples of the comix are reproduced here.


Memories of a Metropolitan Indian : By far the most interesting account possibly written of the evolution and development of the Metropolitan Indian movement in Rome. It is followed by a "Slice of an Assembly" which is some hack of a journalist's interesting account of an episode with a number of Metropolitan Indians in the same city.


Critique of Italy '77 : Contains two documents: "Eulogising Madness" and "Additional Note on the use of Culture and the Spectacle in an Accelerating Decomposition". These are really searching texts with the latter emphasizing the role of culture in the moment of defeat on the streets. Still highly relevant. 


Bad: The New Afterword  : For the 1993 Pelagian Press edition of  BAD - the Autobiography of James Carr. "BAD is one of many books written by prisoners who have been radicalised in American jails. It stands out from a lot of the others because it avoids portraying the prisoner as a passive victim of social injustice - and also refuses the martyr role that liberals and leftists try to impose on convicts as a vehicle for their own fantasies and careers".


 Art and Gentrification : An article from No Reservations - Housing, Space and Class Struggle; News From Everywhere & Campaign For Real Life, London,1989. "Art as state-manipulated as in the Lower East Side (of Manhattan), and Art as a fresh base for accumulation in areas ravaged by the decline of industry".


And Yet It Moves : An updated version of Phil Mailer's critical history of science first written in the late 1980s and  revised for book publication by Campo Abierto in Spain in 2002.


What 'Appen to South Africa? : New intro plus original text on social struggles in South Africa from their inspiring beginning to their present woeful condition. Today's impasse was already inherent in the origins of the revolt against apartheid.