From: The Wise Cunts

 Once upon a time.. we belonged to the Icteric / King Mob milieu and our orientation was always – but always – in and around total social revolution involving forms of direct action spattered with tachiste-style throwaway leaflets related to The Revolution of Modern Art morphing into The Modern Art of Revolution. Content-wise they were jam-packed with allusions to the realisation of poetic form a la Rimbaud / Mallarme, etc, to Dada, Surrealism, Lettrism to the Anarcho-Situationists peppered with occasional references to the best moments of the old Workers’ Movement from the Paris Commune of 1871 to the Anarchist uprising in Spain 1936-7.


 Much of this influence cum subversive history was decades later moulded onto a proposed eco-oriented uprising of ‘possessed’ individuals, anti-party and horizontally inspired, still deploying central axioms from the late 1960s: “Consume More, Live less”, “Cars are Dead” etc, reinforced by Rene Riesel and the Confederacion Paysanne of the 1990s plus the later ZAD experiments in France together with an admixture of the Occupy movements of 2011. etc. Our disposition which has evolved in three decades of nature insurgency has resulted in a growing - and then outright - hostility to a ‘reformed’ essentially monetised Nature Bureaucracy in hock to a rapacious neo-liberal, developmental agenda which in a fiendishly underhand manner prioritises the destruction of wild nature everywhere, ESSENTIALLY INSEPARABLE FROM THE NB’S OWN BANAL DOMESTICATED EXCUSES FOR A PASSIONATELY LIVED LIFE. Alas, the majority of this crew are made up of the repressive middle and upper classes largely typifying the Little Englander mentality both right and left. Applied to nature their vision is basically one of Ye Olde Englande as pictured on a chocolate box cover. The UKs last wildernesses are ex urban-cum-industrial “landscapes of contempt” and the pervasive mentality – of this perverse crew - is to destroy at all costs these usually fecund arenas of astounding bio-diversity. After all, it’s visual, designer AESTHETICS that rule and these arenas don’t LOOK RIGHT; in short what was outlined in the The Society of the Spectacle in 1967 and now augmented a million fold.


In response our trajectory is one of autonomous, feral wilding on these landscapes of contempt remorselessly pitted against the End Times of Suicide Capitalism…… A fair amount of our history regarding this life-enhancing obsession can be found in various tracts at www.revoltagainstplenty.com. Most of the “landscapes of contempt” we’ve been involved with have involved a few rough sleepers who we have always gotten on with making no attempt to move them on, unlike the brutal evictions the official green rackets resort to forever bringing in the police. Indeed with ourselves physical work on the land coincide with work we engage with on abandoned buildings to house the homeless often giving them rudimentary training in various building trades. Needless to say, none of our experiments have anything to do with traditional nature conservation. Unfortunately, we sadly still remain a small avant-garde trying to combine a creative wild rejuvenated nature inextricably interconnected with rejuvenated people instigating - if you like - a hoped for “communism of genius” first intimated by the Surrealists nearly a 100 years ago. The backdrop still is of course total social revolution as we desire thousands upon thousands to join in... Instead we have Mad Frank, Mrs Nosey & Violin, Britty Polly, John the Plank, Eileen of Troy, Posh Boy, etc, etc.....


 For sure we’ve created (and  are still creating ) confrontation all over and increasingly through a form of clandestine sabotage mirroring if you like the skilled engineers of yesteryears’ anarcho-syndicalist workers (C/F Sorel’s Reflections on Violence) who knew  via a mass strike how to cleverly remove the nuts and bolts, etc that stopped steam trains functioning and so on. Ours is the knowledge and skill that knows what natural creatures can be deployed to stymie the developmental agenda that wishes to destroy the lungs of the planet. To kill these creatures is an illegal act yet the official ecos won’t respond and get mad with the fuks who destroy them, simply because their organisations are now awash with money c/o neo-liberalisms splashing of the cash that cleverly force these supine organisations to pitifully align with a death-driven status quo.


  In response to this ever-expanding horror story we began to sign ourselves off everywhere as The Monstrous Bastards – simply because the response of the Nature Bureaucracy towards us was MONSTROUS oriented around let’s kill the messenger / whistleblower alongside something like a Stalinoid cum Mafia-like Law of Omerta deployed against us time and time again! WE DIDN’T EXIST, MOREOVER WE NEVER EXISTED. At the time – and incredibly ever since - we were the only collective during the 1990s and early noughties that condemned the utterly destructive, ecocidal makeovers of the UK’s colliery spoil heaps and our films weremarginalised to the point of non-existence! Yet what we documented was the biggest act of vandalism against nature since the draining of the English Fens during the first decades of the 19th century. A few years later and the ante was upped as prosecutions  - aided and abetted by green officialdom - were threatened against us by Bradford City Council simply because we actively defended an amazing nature rich gorge (which we’d “intervened” in but let’s say no more about particularities here) near enough to the city centre. Totally isolated, thugs were clandestinely visited upon us, so much so we had to call on Black and Green legal aid in Bristol and their advice was spot on, mirroring our response: GET THE SHIT OUT! DISAPPEAR! After all, the bureaucrats were threatening arrest, fines and jail as we cost them huge sums in lost PFI contract but seeing we’ve become adept for at least the last 50 years at deploying hit and run tactics, the bureaucratic arseholes were unable to find us! However, 5 years later and we plan to return to that benighted city though this time in relation to the ecocide that has recently been visited on Woolley Colliery spoil heap (about 20 miles from Bradford), yet again aided and abetted by the official Nature Bureaucracy. Jeez how we hate them; these useless, ill-informed, domesticated, passive spectator, TV wildlife addicted, ultra-dumbfuks. In reality THE ONLY GREEN THESE EXCUSES FOR REAL LIFE WANT IS THE GREENBACK....and we literally put that on posters hung on walls, lampposts and what have you……Within days they were torn down. The usual response!


 Recently, one of our aims in clearing an urban wood of invasive bramble -product of growing CO2 fertilisation - growing over an artesian well on Wormwood Scrubs Common in west London was to see if it was possible to reverse the tendency towards making all green spaces (i.e. park and garden adjuncts) into an arena of urban fauvism decked out with useless brightly coloured flowers that have nothing to do with holistic bio-diversity reminding us of Debord’s still prescient remark: “A moment of life that has grown old cannot be revived through bright colours”. On this artesian well all this has been sidelined by creating a neo-pasture woodland of vibrant red fescue grass, trefoil, clover, kidney vetch and what have you. As a result insect life has massively increased along with all other forms of bio-diversity. This space now suggests a model to be emulated elsewhere not just in London's desolate and desolating parks (like Queens Park, Gunnersbury Park and that horror of horrors, Hyde Park near Buck’ Palace, etc, etc) but in every town and city throughout the UK and perhaps other countries too. As per usual, we cleared this wood without asking permission. For sure authority figures tried to stop us but we simply disobeyed them and got away with it because the ‘ordinary’ (rather extra-ordinary) people were firmly on our side as THEY REALISED WE WEREN’T DOING IT FOR MONEY. Moreover, we just faced the council bastards down and just kept on turning up! Truth to tell, we had in the late 1990s consulted a little with petty officialdom who responded with a GREAT BIG NO which we then ignored. Basically the council bureaucrats (including their bio-diversity depts) think we don’t know what we are doing / what are our specific academic qualifications in natural science / what “doctors of nothingness” (Debord’s description), are we, etc. The point is regarding the enrichment of insect life especially, we REALLY DO KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING but couldn’t initially prove it. Now, we can, only to be stymied by the cretinus powers-that-be consumed by psychotic envy and spite who STILL go in for the kill! Nay, more so!


 This re-wilding of domesticated space is an idea we took up with some Extinction Rebellion (XR) members a few months ago. Initially they were very enthusiastic even if  lacking in basic ecological, hands-on knowledge but that’s something which can be quickly remedied given the right sort of  guidance that prioritizes persuasion over coercion and  keeps well clear of the dead hand of the Local Council Parks and Recreation Depts. Certainly as regards insects, particularly butterflies, the wood we have worked on is already knocking Dunnett's, 2012 Olympics, Queen Elizabeth Park in Stratford, east London into a cocked hat and demonstrates you don't need huge amounts of money to save nature, in fact, the reverse, down-home, knowledgeable sheer commitment much the most important thing. 


Alas in no time Extinction Rebellion morphed into Rebellion Extinction! In a way this was to be expected as the organisation is sufficiently like an updated version of the top down fake revolt of the Chinese Cultural Revolution dating from the mid 60s to early 1970s. Indeed some of XR’s influential lecturer elders were once Maoist aficionados who still remembered their tell-tale gimmicks – i.e. repeat after me the following Ten Commandments, followed by chants, chants and more chants whilst waving a few signatory flags, all the while instructed to smile and smile so as not to upset the emptying apple cart. All this has been readily soaked-up and up by dumbo students who obviously have little knowledge about ecology never mind acquiring any broader history of social subversion as they move on from occasional good direct action (the occupation of London in spring 2019) to opportunism and recuperation without an inkling of what these terms mean. Now via a bureaucratic formation of Citizen Assemblies that have absolutely nothing in common with meaningful workers’ councils composed of revocable delegates, or indeed those assemblies functioning through the 2011 Occupy movements, XR have joined up with local council officialdom who in turn, correctly see them as the patsies they are. In effect XR refers to this blatant sell-out as a “sortition council process” i.e. bureaucratic gobbledygook which is surely hard to beat? It seems all XR requires is a change in language hoping truth henceforth wills burst forth everywhere from on high! Bradford Council was the first city in the UK to declare a climate emergency. It means sweet fuk all to a psychotic outfit that’ll say anything to get themselves off the hook! Instead XR truly believes their pious pronouncements and the comments some of us put on Bradford/Leeds XR face books regarding the appalling recent history of these councils were instantly deleted by a proud schmuck of an XR “manager”.(Yep, XR loves managers). We were shit in 2013 in Bradford and today XR declares the council was right after all. No ecocide ever happened, (C/F Bradford’s Eco-Peterloo on the RAP web).  In the late 1960s the Maoist bureaucracy was riding a tiger as the Cultural Revolution got completely out of hand, dialectically instigating real insurgency. Most likely something similar will happen with XR and we patiently wait subversive fallout from its more promising ex-members…..


 For our group / non-group of partisans we’ve also found it BEST TO BE OUTRAGEOUSLY PROVOACTIVE from the get-go even pro-moing ourselves in deliberately ‘crazy’ amateurish-like YouTube films, etc. We’re now preparing a humdinger with real knobs on regarding Wormwood Scrubs and the pitiful opposition against the proposed HS2 high speed rail link to the north. It’s not just a tepid nature film but brings in wildness on a general level which includes all the ‘wild’ individuals who seek solace here, not forgetting the many rough sleepers the Nature Bureaucracy turfs off the land with police assistance. Not forgetting also the liberating Muslim gay sex for both men and women of that culture that goes on here in and among this commons’ wild, extraordinary nature, ADDING BRILLIANTLY TO THE MAGIC OF THE SCRUBS. Moreover the film shows some of us nicking violet plants from nearby Kensal Green cemetery to be translocated to the Scrubs for the use of Fritillary butterfly larvae. Worse, we’re nicking violets from the graves of the British Imperialist generals who massacred the Indian Mutiny in 1857, so at least these arseholes in death have finally done something good cos’ the violets from their bones are brill! And the music behind this sequence? Why, it’s Whistling Past the Graveyard by none other than Screamin’ Jay Hawkins! FOR SURE THE OFFICIAL GREENS WILL BE HORRIFIED BUT THAT’S WHAT WE WANT.


 Elsewhere, in the north on Woolley Colliery spoil heap in Yorkshire it’s true we’ve provoked some of our hideous protagonists - building companies like Wates and Bovis Homes - in this game of eco-war and they’ve responded for nigh on 20 years by being fascistically ecocidal regarding our hands-on efforts. Initially Wates the giant building company were furious about our film on Woolley from the early noughties which high-lighted the developers’ destruction of an amazing wild life site claiming they (Wates) had created amazing “forno” instead of “fauna” (what a slip of the tongue no doubt the company goon who wrote the piece was alluding to “porno” as their must be plenty of that on their new, aspirant estate). Sometime later we put up Skull and Crossbones posters across the site (see below) and the fuks went crazy tearing up trees everywhere. Then we reminded them of the rare small blue butterfly in their midst and a further wrecking spree was the result. Finally, among other things, (!!!!)  in fury plus exasperation we put up posters everywhere over Woolley Colliery broadly saying, “Fuk you Motherfuckers”, etc, in Irish Gaelic, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, German, etc., and all purposefully chaotically intermingled... cos the response was to give a subversive international dimension to a local Backayard in order to blow their fukkin’ minds (c/f  the  Woolley Colliery Dada below). The intent was / is to create an atmosphere of angry, Dadaistic bewilderment throwing together gully-low anti PC-inflection insults jumbled up with names of wildflowers / butterflies, etc., that have been destroyed at this locality together with phrases like “abolish the wages system” redolent of  the great American Wobblies (International Workers of the World) of yesteryear whilst not forgetting Arthur Scargill, (who worked at the former Woolley pit) and official leader of the great Miners’ Strike of 1984-5! It was essential that these posters gave the appearance of  UTTER NONSENSICAL splurges of psychological Freudian ID nutcases-in-motion leaving opponents completely flummoxed yet somehow feeling they were under violent attack as you fukked with their STOOPID HEADS. It succeeded as the ante was then upped; the companies responding via a False Flag trashing spree making it look like the work of eco-subversives. Alas, it didn’t work out for them (GREAT LAUGH FOR US) and few people living locally have been conned by these developers manoeuvres not even a supine local Green party and that’s saying something! But that was as far as it went as these tepid Green washers weren’t going to get off their arses!


  We also handed out leaflets relating to these escapades. A recent article in The Guardian newspaper quoted in full (almost) our leaflet – handed out at an Extinction Rebellion demo in London - on the destruction of the major wildlife site on Wormwood Scrubs Common in west London and a destruction yet again initiated by the Nature Bureaucracy helping facilitate the development of the HS2 high speed rail link alongside 5G cable infrastructure, etc. They didn't even know this amazing insect-rich site was there as they are so robotised by the dominant spectacle. We have though a lot of film footage that proves just how remarkable this site was and will be included in the aforementioned YouTube film.  Virtually the same has happened at Woolley. Again our leaflet denouncing the destruction of the rare Small Blue butterfly and the massive cover up which followed has been published – more or less accidentally yet again by The Guardian.




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       BELOW: SINGALONG BIRD BOXES (further comments to be added)


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