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Viewers/readers may well ask why the web sites have changed so dramatically. Two things: First; Front Page web software was terminated by Microsoft. Second; both webs – RAP and Dialectical Butterflies – had become infected by a powerful virus manifesting itself in a huge character set defect (though there were other defects) which meant most pages were virtually unreadable. Obviously it is impossible to say most of the time where viruses originate though you cannot help but speculate if there was the hand of the state in this? Paranoid, well perhaps, though the web stats did indicate that the American state dept scrutinised closely though typically there were no tell-tale signs from the British state long accustomed to secret manoeuvrings. One things seem certain, making webs unreadable rather than openly suppressing them may well become the chosen path of state interference if things start hotting up in ‘the West’. As it stands it is going to take quite some time to get the present Joomla! Open Source format working to any degree of satisfaction. It is certainly more secure but Joomla! is a difficult programme so if there are glaring faults - because by its very nature it’s an online ‘wiki’ - please be patient….